Decode Boat HINs Anywhere and Anytime with HIN Search for iPhone and iPad!

Designed for dock walkers, boat buyers, and marine professionals alike! We've compressed and optimized the US Coast Guards database of over 16,000 boat companies, and over 30,000 brands to fit on your iOS device, so you can have lightning fast results wherever you are, with NO Internet access required!

Not only can you decode Hull Identification Numbers (HINs), you can look up manufacturers or brands by their Manufacturer Identification Codes (MICs), or even by their ordinary written names.

HIN Search even includes a "Favorites" list to track boats and manufacturers that you have looked up, as well as any personal notes, so you don't need to go digging for a pen and paper.

Nearly all boats (including fishing boats, power boats, sail boats, PWCs, kayaks, and canoes) imported or built in the US since 1972 are required to have a HIN by the federal government. The HIN will include when the boat was built, and by who. Connected to the MIC database, HIN Search can also tell you a little bit about the builder, such as if they are still in business, their address, and sometimes even an email address or website.

HIN Search will also do a format validity check of HINs for detection of suspicious or possibly altered Hull ID Numbers. A great feature for prospective boat buyers! Please see the user guide for details.

Ad free, and will relieve you of scratching your head wondering, "Who made that boat?"

Click here to read the User Guide.

HIN Search requires an iPad, iPod Touch, or an iPhone running IOS version 7.0 or newer. HIN Search is a "Universal" App which means if you buy it once, it will run "full screen" on all of your IOS devices, including iPads.

Please note that Hull Identification Numbers do not include encoding of model numbers, and that this app nor any other HIN decoding tool can provide you model information.

For technical support, comments, or questions, please email us at

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